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Plant Variety Rights

Plant Variety Rights

Efficient, worldwide
protection handled
by experts

Protecting developments in plant varieties
and breeding technology

Various forms of intellectual property rights exist for protecting developments in plant breeding and related technology, including plant patents and plant variety rights. We are expert in identifying the most appropriate form of protection and helping you put those rights in place.

Why use us for plant variety rights?

Applying for plant variety rights can help you prevent others taking advantage of your development for a period of time (in some cases up to 25 or 30 years from the grant of the right).  Once obtained, they enable you to gain control over who can use or deploy your technology or new plant varieties in protected countries, particularly when used in combination with other marketing tools such as branding and Trade Marks.  We can provide a comprehensive suite of advice and services to help you to increase the value of, and make the most from, your innovation.

Our attorneys will help you

  • Prepare and file applications around the world, either directly or through our extensive network of overseas agents.
  • Understand variety testing and national listing requirements.
  • Consider intellectual property-related aspects to any commercial agreements relating to production and distribution of protected varieties, or joint development programmes for new varieties.