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Mechanical Engineering
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Helping your patents
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UK and European Patent Attorneys specialising in Mechanical Engineering

More consumer product and mechanical patents are granted each year than any other type of patent. That, combined with lower barriers to entry, means inventors in this sector face more intense competition than ever before. When it comes to protecting your invention, it is essential that you talk to patent experts who have not only the ability to understand your technology, but can also provide advice on how IP rights can work for you commercially.

Why use our patent services?

A granted patent lasts for up to 20 years and gives the owner the right to apply to the Court to stop another commercial enterprise infringing.  Patents are therefore an important tool which can help to protect commercial assets in the form of a new product or process, or an improvement to an existing product or process.  Patents can also have a deterrent value, causing competitors to avoid technologies which they know are patented or in the process of being patented.

For these reasons, a pending patent application or a granted patent can increase the value of an enterprise, sometimes significantly.  It is now routine for potential investors in technology companies to check whether patents and any other appropriate intellectual property rights have been obtained.

Our patent attorneys will help you

  • Identify the most appropriate way to protect your innovation based on your budget and commercial objectives
  • Make well-considered decisions at each step of the process by providing pragmatic, commercially-focused advice.
  • Build a long-term IP strategy by advising you on the patentability of any developments to your inventions and recommending ways to extend your exclusivity.
  • Keep track of budgets by providing cost-estimates for each step of the application process or for any specific advice work.