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Life Sciences<br />
and Chemistry

Life Sciences
and Chemistry

From life sciences
to advanced materials

UK and European Patent Attorneys specialising in Life Sciences & Chemistry

Creating value from new technology is not a simple process, and many complexities lie along the way. We have the ability to understand your technology in all areas of chemistry and the life sciences, and can give informed advice on how IP rights can work for you commercially.

Why use our patent services?

A granted patent lasts for up to 20 years and gives the owner the right to apply to the Court to stop another commercial enterprise infringing.  Patents are therefore an important tool which can help to protect commercial assets in the form of a new product or process, or an improvement to an existing product or process.  Patents can also have a deterrent value, causing competitors to avoid technologies which they know are patented or in the process of being patented.

Our patent attorneys will help you

  • Build a long-term IP strategy by advising you on the patentability of any developments to your inventions and recommending ways to extend your exclusivity.
  • Identify any intellectual property barriers to commercialising your technology, by sourcing patent searches and providing a considered opinion on what risks may exist, and what mitigating actions you can take.
  • Make well-considered decisions at each step of the process by providing pragmatic, commercially-focused advice.
  • Stay up to date on your portfolio status through regular communication and by attending review meetings to discuss how best to use your portfolio commercially.