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Medical Devices

Medical Devices

The right IP strategy
to support your
medical device business

Specialist Patent and Trade Mark Attorneys for the Medical Device Industry

Today, the medical device industry is thought to be worth over $350 billion and this figure is forecast to continue to grow at an increasingly rapid rate. To deliver that growth, the medical device industry will have to maintain an unprecedented level of innovation, innovation that must be protected if the owners are to achieve their commercial goals.

Why use our services?

Our specialist medical device team are here to provide a comprehensive range of intellectual property services designed specifically for medical device companies.

Our patent attorneys have built up a wealth of international experience in engineering, electronics, life sciences and chemistry during their long careers in both industry and private practice. They not only have all of the requisite technical and IP expertise but also know how to combine them to best effect.

It is this additional, more commercial focus that will make sure we design the IP strategy that will achieve your commercial objectives and maximise the long-term value of all your intellectual property rights.

Meanwhile our trade mark attorneys are on hand to protect your brands, trading names and logos and ensure they aren’t placed at risk from unwanted competitor activity.

The areas in which our specialist medical device team can help you protect your intellectual property include:

Biomaterials and Biotechnology
Cardiovascular devices
Dental appliances
Diagnostic devices
Drug delivery devices
Embedded Technology
Filtration and fluidics
Intubation devices
Material Solutions
Medical imaging
Medical implants
Motors and Motion Control
Optical Technology
Orthodontic appliances
Patient apparel
Pumps and Valves
Surgical instruments
Testing and Compliance
Traceability and Marking
Wireless Devices
Wound care