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Prevent others from
taking short cuts by
copying your innovation

Copyright advice in branding, design and technical fields

Copyright automatically protects original creative works and also more technical works such as software, web content and databases. The right can be used to stop anyone else copying the work. We do not typically advise on creative copyright as a standalone service (there are specialist solicitors for this), but where copyright comes up in the context of other IP rights (patents, trade marks, designs), we can provide comprehensive advice. For example, copyright may exist in logos for branding or trade mark use, packaging design and print, web content, technical drawings, app design or software code. Contact us to discuss your specific circumstances.

Our attorneys will help you

  • Keep records to ensure that the existence of copyright can be proven in the future if required.
  • Establish whether copyright exists and whether it can be effectively enforced.
  • Weigh up the options and costs for enforcement.
  • Consider whether registered IP rights would provide useful additional protection.