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Advanced Engineering

Advanced Engineering

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Advanced Engineering

Specialist Patent and Trade Mark Attorneys for Advanced Engineering Businesses

While we have worked with manufacturers all over the world since 1852, we recognised very early that tomorrow’s manufacturer will look significantly different to our traditional clients. More and more of our clients are undergoing enormous transformation to take full commercial advantage of the new products, processes and supply chain benefits offered by Advanced Engineering. We are changing alongside them.

Why use our services?

By definition, new ideas have to bring new innovation and if engineers are going to create the processes, materials and technology required to achieve the levels of automation, efficiency and quality they want, that innovation needs to be fully protected.

This is where our patent attorneys will help.

Our patent attorneys are all senior practitioners whose long careers in both industry and private practice have taught them how to apply their backgrounds in engineering, IT and physics to the issues faced by manufacturers all over the world. As a result they can provide all of the technical and intellectual property expertise a 21st Century advanced engineering business needs. More importantly, they know exactly how to combine that expertise with a single-minded commercial focus to make sure you receive the IP strategy that will achieve your commercial objectives and maximise the long-term value of your IP rights.

In addition, our trade mark attorneys will protect your brands, trading names and logos and ensure they aren’t at risk from the unwanted actions of your competitors.

The areas in which our specialist advanced engineering team can help you protect your intellectual property include:

Advanced Manufacturing
Industrial process control equipment
Machine tools
Medical devices
Nuclear and renewable energy
Oil and gas
Optical and photographic instruments
Pharmaceutical manufacture
Road and rail
3D printing