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The expertise to capture
and commercialise
your students' and
spin outs' innovation

Experienced attorneys who understand how
to take ideas from research to the world

We provide a full suite of services for universities and research institutes. We will provide your inventors and academics with preliminary advice on identifying the innovation present in new developments and how best to commercialise those ideas. We will then assist with confidentiality and collaboration agreements before undertaking the filing and ongoing management of your registered intellectual property rights.

How can we assist you?

By gaining an understanding of new technical developments in their potential commercial context, we can help you to adopt an optimum strategy for gaining and capturing value.  From preliminary discussions and advice, through to planning and executing filing strategies for IP rights, along with transactional support for confidentiality and collaboration agreements, we can help at any stage of the process.

Our attorneys will help you

  • By advising on possible routes to protect your intellectual property by liaising with your Technology Transfer representatives or individual academic teams.
  • By filing applications for patents, plant variety rights, designs and trade marks, and prosecuting them through to grant anywhere in the world, either directly or through our global network of agents.
  • By advising on the most appropriate strategies for protecting your innovations based on geographical importance, budgetary requirements and potential routes to commercialisation.
  • By preparing or reviewing IP-related agreements, such as assignments, confidentiality agreements and joint development agreements.