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About us

A dedicated team of
IP professionals

A senior, experienced attorney will handle your portfolio from start to finish

Our patent attorneys specialise in technical fields such as electronics, software, chemistry, physics and mechanical engineering. Our trade mark attorneys specialise in protecting your commercial identity – your brands, trading names, logos and designs. We also have a fantastic team of support staff who handle the vital tasks necessary in maintaining an IP portfolio.

Our History


William Brookes sets up an independent practice as a patent agent and consulting engineer in Chancery Lane, London, in the same year that the UK Patent Office opens.


UK Trade Mark No. 1, a logo incorporating a triangle, is registered for pale ale by brewers Bass & Co. and is still registered today.


The World Intellectual Property Office (an agency of the United Nations) is established


The European Patent Convention enters into force.


The European Community Trade Mark comes into existence.


Brookes & Martin and Batchellor Kirk & Co. merge to become Brookes Batchellor LLP.


The first European Registered Community Designs are filed.


The US Patent Office issues its eight millionth patent.


China overtakes the US for the number of patent applications filed per year.


Brookes Batchellor rebrands to become Brookes IP.



years in existence.


countries where we are protecting clients' IP rights.


years is the average professional experience of our qualified attorneys.


overseas attorney firms with whom we are currently trading.

Our People

One of the many things I enjoy about this job is taking the opportunity to break down the law and provide clear, business focused advice, helping my clients reach their potential.

Mark Sinclair

LLB, MCITMA, RTMA, ETMA, Trade Mark Attorney

I love the sheer variety of my work, and find Trade Marks endlessly fascinating. Working in Trade Marks also means I can indulge one of my great passions - shopping - guilt-free.

Jane Martin


What I like best about my role is helping to put in place the things needed to protect the commercial benefits of an invention, and ensure they are enjoyed by inventors and applicants.

Rosemary Eve

BSc, CPA, EPA, Partner

Helping clients protect their innovations in the best way possible is very rewarding, but when I see those IP rights helping a client achieve commercial success, that is a good day at the office.

Jonathan Hancox

MA, CPA, EPA, ETMA, Partner

I feel very fortunate to be working in a field which I find truly engaging. Protecting and enforcing clients' rights gives me a great sense of satisfaction and is a proactive way of providing legal services, adding value to clients' businesses.

Clare Turnbull


What I love about this job is learning about new developments in a wide variety of technologies, and playing my part in helping the client to capture value from their creativity and hard work.

Emma Hodge

BSc, MPhil, CPA, EPA, Senior Associate

Latest news

Tim Roberts

The partners and staff at Brookes IP were saddened to learn of the passing of Tim Roberts, consultant patent attorney.